submission instructions
Create your design. First, come up with your sickest, most mind blowing-ist, totally radical-tastic design humanly possible. Then, download our super easy submission kit. In the submission kit you will find an Adobe Photoshop template and an Adobe Illustrator template. All designs must be submitted using our template. It just makes our job a little easier, that’s all!
Submit your design. Once your design is completed, click the Upload Your Design button and follow the instructions. It’s that easy! Voting will last for a period of 90 days. If your design scores highly enough to be printed, we will notify you via e-mail. We will also send you 25 certificates of authenticity to autograph and return to us. These will be shipped with your deck. Don’t worry - we’ll cover the postage. If your design is declined, check out the list below to find out why.
Submission Decline Reasons
DCCM – Design Contains Copyrighted Material
  A design will be declined if it contains copyrighted material. It’s just that simple - don’t use copyrighted material in your design.
ID – Inappropriate Design
  A design will be declined if we feel it’s inappropriate. We’ve got a pretty tough skin but keep in mind there are some young designers and artists in our community.
NI – Needs Improvement
  We want you to have the best possible shot of seeing your design printed and out in the world. Occasionally a design will be turned down because we think it needs a little improvement. We just want to make sure we feature artists and designers of the highest caliber!
Need some help? Throw your design into our critique room and get some feedback from the community before you submit your design for approval. Visit the critique room at
SDDD – Same Design Different Day
  A design will be declined if it’s a duplicate and only minor changes have been made to the design. This issue can be resolved by first throwing your design into the critique room. Visit the critique room at
TMC – Too Many Colors
  Currently we are printing 5 color designs, so for now, keep your submissions to 5 colors. Remember, black and white are colors too!
YDUOT – You Didn’t Use Our Template
  This one is self-explanatory.
If you win...

We will contact you via email.

We will send you 25 certificates of authenticity and return to us within 72 hours. We will pay the postage for you.

Once we receive the certificates and the decks have been produced, we will send you $400 and your freshly screen printed deck.

We hope you win...

Good luck, and if you have any questions or comments along the way, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!