I got my first board for my twelfth birthday– a Roskopp III with Indy’s and orange OJ’s. I’ve been mesmerized with skateboard graphics ever since. It’s this obsession that had me drawing board designs on my Trapper Keepers, drove me to study screen printing in “art school” and lead me to my current profession in the creative world.

Identifying a need for artists and designers around the world to exhibit their work and get a little fame along the way, we got the idea for FrostyWood – a site showcasing mad talent.

So, submit your dopest designs and if the community dubs them worthy, we’ll screen print (just keepin’ it old school) a super special limited run of 25 decks, made in the US of A. Of course you’ll get one, along with 400 crisp Washingtons to line your pockets.

Not an artist or a designer? That’s cool - browse the goods for sale or peep the latest submissions and get your VOTE ON!

Check out our "participate" section for more “you're gonna need to know” details.

Enjoy and stay Frosty!